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GFWC Resources

GFWC Community Service Programs

The General Federation of Women’s Clubs has realigned all Community Service Programs and made significant changes to the GFWC Signature Program, the GFWC Junior Advocates for Children’s Program, and the Community Improvement Program. The One Page CSP documents for 2022-2024 are (click each for informative flyer to download):


2020.2022 Club Manual Full Book

Community Connection Initiatives 2022-2024

GFWC Legislative Action Center - click here to be connected and learn about the ways you can be an advocate for women's and children's issue

GFWC Resources - click here for GFWC forms, documents, and more!

GFWC Marketplace - click here for GFWC pins, certificates, merchandise and more!

GFWC Logos - click here to download GFWC logos, emblems and icons. Remember to always use as is - never change colors or shapes. 

GFWC AL Publications

GFWC Alabama Members

GFWC Alabama History Highlights - First 22 Years here

GFWC Alabama Bylaws & Standing Rules (August 2022) here 


Treasurer's Form 2022-2024 here

RACS 2022-2024 (Reports, Awards, Contests & Scholarships  here

GFWC 2022-2024 LEADS Criteria & Application here           

GFWC Alabama Awards & Accolades - presented at the April 2022 State Convention here

GFWC Alabama 2022-2024 Club Narrative Reporting Forms



GFWC Alabama 2022-2024 Club Statistical Reporting Forms


GFWC Alabama 2022-2024 Affiliate Organizations Data Forms


GFWC Alabama President's Award of Excellence here

GFWC Alabama Resolutions (April 2020) here

GFWC Alabama Scholarship Application here

GFWC Alabama Strategic Plan here

GFWC Alabama Jennie Nominations 2022-2024:

        Jennie Award Guidelines/Fillable Form


GFWC Community Impact Program 2022-2024

        Guideslines/Fillable Form

Parliamentary Advisor

    The Not So Perfect Club Meeting here                         

2728 Society

Community Service Programs (CSPs) (2022-2024)


  GFWC Signature Project 2022-2024 here

  Junior Advocates for Children 2022-2024 here

  Membership Advancement Guide here 

      Membership Information Sheet 

      Sample Elevator Speech here 

      Recruitment Campaign

  Communications & Public Relations (CPR) Guide here   

      Free Digital Tools for Your Club here

      Creating a Club Brochure here

      Instagram Installation Instructions here

      Facebook Vocabulary here

      Twitter Vocabulary here

  Fundraising & Development Guide here

  Leadership Guide here

  Legislation & Public Policy Guide here

  Community Improvement Program handout 

  Miss Alabama Pageant Scholarship Program here

  Women's History and Resource Center (WHRC) Guide here

      Doing an Oral History Interview here

      WHRC application 


      It's A Matter of Courtesy here

      Leadership WS Protocol hints here

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